We promote technology professionals.

Stimulate creativity to fight school dropouts.

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Robotics and Technology Academy

Learn and develop your skills and multiple intelligences through electronics, robotics and programming.

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In MECH ROBOTIX learn new technologies

Everyone has the opportunity to prepare for the future.

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We promote technology professionals.

Stimulate creativity to fight school dropouts.

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Robotics and Technology Academy

Learn and develop your skills and multiple intelligences through electronics, robotics and programming.

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In MECH ROBOTIX learn new technologies

Everyone has the opportunity to prepare for the future.

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MECH ROBOTIX is the robotics and technology Academy that motivates children and teens to learn and develop multiple skills and intelligence through electronic, robotics and programming.

It is the only technological education community in our state that promotes the creativity of childrens and teens by re-using material to carry out their proyects, in order to encourage the learning of new technologies to combat school dropouts.

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  • Team work
  • Projects and applications based on your own ideas.
  • Use platforms to program and simulators to carry out your projects without leaving home.
  • Courses totally online and from home.
  • Robotics and programming for beginners.

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Benefits of Mech Robotix

It is the only technological study community in the state.

You can create fully functional robots and objects through recycled material.

It will help you to know what you want to be in the future, what career to study and where you could work.

You are prepared to present business projects in various competitions with social and economic impact.

You will learn to develop technology with the STEM methodology to solve problems in our community.

Stimulate your creativity with various challenges and skills to solve the proposed problems, which helps the growth of your imagination.

How are the classes?

We have a learning platform on the internet to establish programming classes for any part in the world.

The materials are common and can be purchased locally, you can work in different quantities per child or per team.

Your robotics project can be incorporated into public elementary schools. We are working in this educational level since the age of 8.

We train young people and adults by certifying them with an ICATECH job training to implement projects.

We can monitor the project by monitoring progress and calling for exhibitions and competitions to continue motivating students creativity.

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Valerio Foundation in Support and Joint Work with Mech Robotix

The Valerio Foundation is located in San Jose, California, USA, and its mission is to provide children and young people from impoverished communities with workshops based on robotics and state-of-the-art technology and to assist individuals in under-represented communities to access education. in the field of robotics

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Your contribution helps us provide the necesary equipment to our students and allows us to keep our virtual classes accesible.

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  • April 16, 2021

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International Rolling Event

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Project Exhibition of Mech Robotix AC

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Exhibition of our waiters robots

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We won bronze in world robotics

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Students will be evaluated according to the level of their skills.

Acknowledgments at the end of each level.







How do we became to be?

2 years ago we started the teaching of electronics and robotics workshops for young people in community centers of Cd. Juarez to instruct children, young people and adults under the STEM scheme to encourage professionals oriented to technologies.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a technological education with social impact and development of skills through he elaboration of innovation projects; develop vocations, self-employment and generate entrepreneurs. promoting the creativity of children and youth.

Our Vision

Our vission is to offer opportunities so that from an early age children and young people can know the concepts of robotics and programming so that they can be applied to life solving social problems.

How do the workshops work?

The workshops are supervised by José Alberto Carlos Montes in order that children, youth and adults discover areas of engineering such as electronics, programming and development of entrepreneurs stimulating their creativity.

MechRobotix needs your help!

Your contribution helps us provide the necesary equipment to our students and allows us to keep our virtual classes accesible.

About your donation, we inform you they are tax deductible and we can confirm the donation through invoice before the SAT,don't hesitate now and help the growth of our youth.

What have we done in a short time

We develop and innovate our courses and classes, so that each child and young person can create their own robot.


Mech Robotix Started the project with the vision of being the first and only technological community in the state.


Mass Altruismo Prize from Juárez City, 1st place Solacyt state competition at secondary and high school level.


We were winners of the SCT contest denominated Ideas Made in México with a project made by our own students.


We are training more than 100 children and young people, together with ICATECH, with recognition for work.

Participate in contests and competitions

Our students have participated in competitions, local, state and global. Join the team and live these experiences with us.

Mech Robotix Needs Your Help!

Mech Robotix requests support and sponsorship to be able to carry the different 10 prototypes of our students to competitions and contests as national and international representatives.

We also require support of equipment such as computers and laptops that do not used in good working and that will be dedicated to teach children and teens, electronics, robotics and applications that are imparted in community centers of the city.

Robo Rec - Axel Medel 2021 Mech Robotics

Gabriel and his project Robo rec is one of 13 participants in the multimedia project 2021
The project aims to help the environment through the use of robotics.
By using recicled materials, Gabriel has developed a prototype robot whichs helps in the recollection of recyclable material.

Robotic Workshops

You will learn electronics, programming, you will build your own robot that you take home.

Our Students

We have winning students at the National level and representatives of Mexico in INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS

Flexible Schedules

We have different class schedules and workshops throughout the week so that everyone can learn.


Interview with Mech Robotix A.C's CEO, where he explains the goals, courses, services and benefits that Mech Robotix offers and an explination on how they are done, their schedules and some achievements the company has obtained.

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What do you think of a robot that will deliver your food order directly at your table?

  • Automation.
  • Efficient service.
  • Control of food orders and improvements.
  • Project generated by mech robotix students.
  • Tailor-made service with fewer errors.
  • Orders generated from a computer and service provided by an automated robot.

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Braille Cube a Project by Our young students of Mech Robotix

Participating and winning in various national, international and regional competitions with outstanding participation, receiving 100% support from Mech Robotix.

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Robotics technology projects and applications of the Mech Robotix AC technology academy

Children and young people create their prototypes and applications by participating in competitions such as SOLACYT 2019 and AI Challenge generated by the City's Artificial Intelligence Cluster and expose your projects in important events such as The Border Tech.

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WH33L3D - CH41R



  • José Alberto Carlos - Mechatronics Eng.
  • Nancy Nohemi Beltrán - Software Eng.
  • Roberto Carlos - Industrial Eng.



The problem

In Mexico there are 5.7 million people who suffer from a mobile disability.


This technical innovation is obtained with the agreement in prestigious companies to provide the service directly to your home. It is easy to use, and we also offer maintenance with the lowest costs in the market.


According to studies by the Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Geografía INEGI, 10% of the population in Mexico is impacted by disability and there are approximately 5.7 million people with motor disabilities.


WH33L3D CH41R, is an adapter that converts your mechanical wheelchair to electric. WH33L3D CH41R offers mobility of 2 hours of activity, you can count on a speed controller, hand brake and rechargeable batteries.


  • 25,000 dlls in exchange for 10% stake in the company
  • 400 dlls sale price
  • 250 dlls manufacturing cost
  • ROI to 12 months

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In March of 2018, our students won the Primary National with the Roboti - Calaca project; This is how the project was selected to represent Mexico in the INFOMATRIX robotic world in the city of Bogot & Colombia in November 2018

XIII Edition of the Latin American Contest of Student Projects in Science and Technology


Multimedia Project - Infomatrix Latinoamérica 2018 - Guadalajara City





Seeing the existing problems in our country and our community, the need to always be alert has emerged and prepared for emergencies, to be always in constant communication with our loved ones and to keep in touch since unfortunately, every day cases of loss of children and adults are more frequent.

With the application ALWAYS WITH YOU It is possible to alert the authorities with a simple movement by shaking the mobile device.


Infomatrix Latin America 2018

Our courses

Mech Robotix gives training for teachers, so that they can continue with the project.

We have a 6-level work program.

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Inverted Classroom

Project-based learning with a social approach allows students to acquire knowledge and skills.

Tailored classes

We optimize class time by dedicating it, for example, to meet the special needs of each student.

Design focused on Reasoning

Identify the individual problems of each student and generate in their educational experience to create and innovate.

Develop Technological Skills

MECH ROBOTIX AC is the only academy of technology teaching in our state that motivates the creativity of children and young people reusing material to construct prototypes.

The classes are provided at different schedules. You will learn electronics, programming, you will build a robot that you take to your home, you make projects to participate in contests and you will get unparalleled knowledge for your future.

Know everything about our workshops

In MECH ROBOTIX we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to be better for the future

Low Cost Classes

Our robotic classes are carried out with low cost and in a very accessible way for all social areas.

Online Classes

Our online classes allow you to reach remote communities like Palomas, Chihuahua

Supports Recycling

Most of the material used in the projects is obtained from what is considered electronic garbage

Stimulates Creativity

Our courses promote creativity by learning the inner workings of laptops or printers

We Create Awareness

During the workshops students are made aware of repairing, reusing and reducing electronic waste

Practical Workshops

This summer 2018 we started 3 practical workshops: a robotics course and another one of creation of applications

Discover Engineering Areas

Discover engineering areas such as: electronic, programming and entrepreneurship of project development with social and economical impact.







Artificial Intelligence Classes

Mechrobotix invites you to it's free online AI robotics course

  • Classes on monday and wednesday from 7pm to 8pm mountain time.
  • Classes are completely online.
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    Virtual workshop for Robotics, Electronics and Programming

    • Build your own robot
    • Develop your tech skills!
    • We use Arduino WeMos D1 WiFi UNO ESP8266 IOT IDE Compatible Board.
    • We shall use these electric components and wireless internet connection to build a robot which we will control through online commands.
    • You will learn electronics, programming and build your own robot that you you may bring back home.

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    Robotics with OPEN SOURCE Technologies

    It is an innovative technique that makes robotics and technology more practical, helps children and young people to be creative.

    Develop and provide essential knowledge for a professional future.

    • Development of new skills such as welding, electronics, programming and innovation.
    • The components are easy to acquire and have a lower cost to the kit purchase.
    • Open source programming with free platforms is used without a license.
    • Motivates children and young people to develop and improve their technical skills.
    • They rely on imagination to solve the proposed problems.
    • Stimulate creativity with various challenges offered.